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The only London café with it’s own brand of tea

London’s noted cup of tea was the result of a pilgrimage to Sri Lanka and India that was both a journey of self-discovery and discovering the true origins of our nations favourite brew. The people at Terry’s are no stranger to a decent cup of tea. The distinctive flavour and soothing effect of these teas were hard to ignore. And soon they were on a boat to London to be sold exclusively at Terry’s.

   Opening Times
7am – 2pm Mon- Fri
7am – 2pm Sat
9am – 2pm Sun

Drink tea for Victory
World peace & positivity

Have you seen the news lately? It seems like every day there’s another war, scandal or natural disaster. Just thinking about it would make your head spin. While you’re at Terry’s, we’d like to encourage you to pause for thought and meditate over a cup of your favourite brew. It’ll help you put things in perspective and appreciate the wonderful world we live in.

Fancy a cuppa?